Item# 5596

Product Description

Eliminate Pet Urine Odor, Contains Live bacteria with INSTANT ODOR CONTROL BIO-ZYME is an all purpose chemical - bacterial blend with excellent water degrading and odor control capabilities. It contains surfactants that remove much of the organic matter like any other cleaner-odor neutralizer. However, unlike any other type of product, the bacterial organisms remain behind after the cleaning procedure is finished. This completly eliminates trace odor and stain causing organics which are the root source of organic odors. In addition to being extremely effective, BIO-ZYME is safe to use and contains no enviromentally harmful chemicals. REMOVES PET ODORS, SMOKE ODORS, SKUNK ODORS, MAKEUP FROM TOWELS, MAKES LAUNDRY SOFT, URINE FROM SHEETS, BODY ODORS FROM LAUNDRY, ODORS FROM CARPET/FURNITURE, TURNS SOLIDS TO LIQUID IN SEPTIC SYSTEMS AND MANY OTHER USES... COMES IN 3 FRAGRANCES, SpearMint, Lavender & Apple Blossom. LOW PRICE & DOES A GREAT JOB OF REMOVING ODORS & STAINS